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Transforming the mind and body can be incredibly difficult. Our coaches are ready to guide you along that journey. We have years of industry experience, skin in the game, and a commitment to helping people change their lives.


We’re excited to help you take the next step.

// training services

1-on-1 training


There can be a lot of questions when it comes to training. There can even be anxiety and doubt. Our coaches are here to help you destroy barriers and build a new level of confidence both physically and mentally.

shared training


Having a workout partner(s) can be a game changer. Imagine 1-3 people all elevating your energy or potentially uniting in a love/hate relationship with your coach. This is an option aimed to motivate and encourage your efforts.



It’s possible to work both remotely yet intimately with a JJ coach. Collaboration, feedback, and workouts designed for you. A true coaching experience designed for convenience yet never sacrificing personalization or attention to detail.

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